About Us


Our Wood

All wood is cut and split to 16" lengths.  Kindling is available.  Wood species include Oak, Ash, Cherry, Maple and Beach.  No pine or softwoods included.


Delivery Options

Come on over and we'll load you up.  If you need delivery to your location we can arrange 1 or 2 cord per trip. No deliveries outside PA.


Get the whole Cord

When you buy a cord of wood, we make sure you get the whole cord.  A cord of wood is a physical measure of stacked wood that equals 128 Cubic foot of lumber (4'x'4'x8')  If you're buying a pickup load, you're not getting a whole cord.  Come on over and we'll show you what you get in a full 1 cord delivery.  You might just need to make a second trip if you're taking the load in your own truck.